Building a new and better Adirondack economy

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How much annual electric or oil-based energy could we cut in the Adirondacks by 2013 by adding renewables and reducing waste?:

The Book and The Road Map

How the Adirondacks can get to energy independence with renewables waste reduction


This new book, deeply researched, shows how we could approach the energy question. It also chronicles the science of the current climate disruption as it is likely to impact the Adirondacks. Jerry Jenkins wrote the book, and it's available from The Wild Supply Co, (a local Adirondack store run by The Wild Center). 


 "The book is an extensive gathering of data on local climate change problems, and as importantly, what Jenkins calls 'An Adirondack Strategy' that includes suggestions for moving from fossil fuels (coal and oil) to renewable energy (sun and wind). What makes this book so valuable is that Jenkins has crafted a readable and useful reference developed with local Adirondack conditions in mind: our excessive automobile and home energy use; the increasing loss of ice and snow cover and winter recreation businesses and facilities; the northern movement of the boreal forest and invasive species from the south; the loss of northern climate cultural traditions."—John Warren, Adirondack Almanack

Jerry Jenkins book on Adirondack Climate Change

 "Thanks to Jerry Jenkins, I think the future has been plotted more firmly for the Adirondacks than perhaps any other region on the planet. With his trademark ability to work across disciplines, he has taken evidence from every branch of the sciences, including the social sciences, to paint a devastating picture of where we are headed. These are the biggest changes the park has faced since the last Ice Age, and if we allow them to play out in full many of the glories of the Adirondacks will simply be gone. Jerry Jenkins has emerged as the information source for our mountains. This book is a great resource and a great gift; we are all in his debt."—from the Foreword by Bill McKibben


About the Author

Jerry Jenkins is a researcher for the Wildlife Conservation Society and author of Acid Rain in the Adirondacks: An Environmental History, also from Cornell, and The Adirondack Atlas: A Geographic Portrait of the Adirondack Park. Bill McKibben is the author of books including The End of Nature.