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How much annual electric or oil-based energy could we cut in the Adirondacks by 2013 by adding renewables and reducing waste?:

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Government and community leaders have the power to make big decisions. Can we have a local hydro power plant on the old dam. Can we put solar thermal on the High School roof? Can we get together on an energy code so we get smart cost-effective homes that benefit the buyers? How do we support local farms? How can we be ready for Smart Growth grants? Or support local entrepreneurs who want to build new local energy or efficiency-related businesses? We welcome ideas that you have on ways leaders and lead on energy and the local economy. 

Two municipalities in the Adirondacks have demonstrated energy saving success through initiatives of their own. Since 2004, the Village of Lake Placid has made considerable efforts to conserve energy through a number of projects resulting in increased energy efficiency.

The Village of Tupper Lake has executed several projects that will contribute to significant energy savings. Although the energy savings cannot be currently measured, the Village took part in an energy inventory that will allow the Village to track energy savings and benchmark into the future.

The Town of Long Lake and the Village of Tupper Lake are the first two municipalities to conduct energy inventories in the Adirondack Park. Inventories are an important first step that allow a municipality to benchmark energy use and target cost effective energy use reduction strategies.

Read the case studies and inventories below.

Lake Placid Case Study.pdf213.23 KB
Long Lake Inventory.pdf449.86 KB
Village of Tupper Lake Case Study.pdf141.17 KB
Village of Tupper Lake Inventory.pdf349.03 KB