Building a new and better Adirondack economy

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How much annual electric or oil-based energy could we cut in the Adirondacks by 2013 by adding renewables and reducing waste?:

Homeowners Renewables

Making your own power is getting much more mainstream


Solar power at The Wild CenterThere are a number of renewable options currently available, including small-scale wind and solar. These systems can produce all the electricity a home needs, and there are significant funding options available.These section cover systems to generate electricity. If you are looking for renewable heat options check the renewable heat section here.

Small-Scale Wind

Along with small scale hydro there are some small wind options that can work in the Adirondacks. Newer systems can have building mounted turbines that capture wind at roof levels. The is the list of small wind options that are eligible for NYSERDA funding.

Here is a Case Study of a funded project that generates close to twice the electric power that an average single New York home uses.

The current deal on New York State wind incentives.

Wind Power FAQS

Precise wind data for New York. Zoom to your exact location.

Personal Solar Power

Watch a Lake Placid homeowner turn on his new system that makes more power than his house uses.
The Clean Power Estimator is a great tool for evaluating the costs and benefits of a PV system. Once you are ready to purchase a system, NYSERDA has financial incentives available to qualified New York residents to help reduce installed system costs by nearly 50% if you work with an eligible installer, NYSERDA also has programs to help develop and implement technical training programs for system installers, utility and local inspectors, and others to insure that your system is installed and operates reliably for many years.

Link buttonA useful zip code-based form is on this page. Local deals and installers too.
Link buttonA nice estimator showing costs and saving by street address
Link buttonGet the book 'A Solar Buyer's Guide for the Home and Office: Navigating the Maze of Solar
        Options, Incentives and Installers