Building a new and better Adirondack economy


Dan Spada APA Co-Lead of Task Force
Jerry Andritz DEC Bureau of Private Land Services
Colin Beier SUNY-ESF Co-Lead of Task Force
Rayna Caldwell, The Wild Center
Mike DiNunzio
Brent Buchanan Cornell Cooperative Extension
Mike Burns Empire State Forest Products
Charlie Canham Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Sloane Crawford NYS DEC
Brad Gentry
Carl Golas ANCA
Jerry Jenkins WCS
David Patrick Paul Smith’s College
Sean Ross Lyme Timber

Ann Heidenreich, L&S Energy Services 
Mike DeWein BCAP
Sue Corey Community Power Network
Alan Hipps Adirondack Community Housing Trust Co-Lead of Task Force
Greg Hart Workforce Development Institute
David Trudeau Honeywell
Jim Morganson Town of North Elba/ Village of Lake Placid
Greg Pedrick, NYSERDA
Ross Whaley, SUNY ESF
Stephanie Ratcliffe, The Wild Center 
Mike Newtown SUNY Canton
Mike Norman DHCR
Paul O’Leary, Town of Tupper Lake Codes

Jim McKenna Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism Lake Placid Co-Lead of Task Force
Gail Brill Green Circle
Michele Powers, North Country Chamber of Commerce / Adirondack Coast
Marti Modzier, Tupper Lake Chamber
Sylvie Nelson, Saranac Lake Chamber
John Parmalee, SUNY - Plattsburgh
Nancy Howard Garden Club of America
Jenn Holdereid Golden Arrow Resort
Ron Ofner Adirondack Regional Tourism Council
Dave Perkins, New York State Snowmobiling Association
Kate Fish ANCA

Amanda Lavigne St. Lawrence University Co-Lead of Task Force
Arnie Talgo, ANCA Co-Lead of Task Force
Mike DeWein BCAP
Elizabeth Lowe, DEC
John Marschilok NYS DEC
Sue Corey Community Power Network
David Dungate , ACT / Bioenergy
Baird Edmonds Energy Consultant
Matt Foley Hydropower Consultant Wadhams
Jeff Peterson NYSERDA
Sue Powers Clarkson University
Ken Vissar Clarkson University

Ann Heidenreich L&S Energy Services 
Kara Page The Wild Center
JR Risley AEDC
Mike DeWein BCAP
Jamie Rogers ANCA 
Robert Moore Town of Webb
Lani Ulrich , APA
Susan Waters Habitat for Humanity
Maureen Sayles NCCC
Leslie Karasin, WCS

Vic Putman Essex County Department of Planning
Nancy Dougal Essex Co Dept of Planning Co-Lead of Task Force
Mike Labello, DOT, Co-Lead of Task Force
Sarah Gebbie-Measeck, Adirondack/Glens Falls Transportation Council
Stephen DeHond The Green Circle
Randy Douglas Chair, Essex Co. Board of Supervisors 
Marian Mudar NYS DOT
Josh Wilson Ecology & Environment
Nancy Robert St. Lawrence County
Kathy Webster, Watertown
Ed Frantz, DOT
Maggie Barrie, Clinton Co.
Mary Shantie, Franklin Co.
Mary Ivey DOT
Brad Dake Stewarts Fuel
Craig Randall Mayor, Lake Placid
Denise Watso DOT
Denise Bentley Livingston County
Jackie Meola Montgomery County
Jeff Byrne ORDA
Janet Starr Ontario County
Jennifer Thorne DOT
John Reel DOT
Reed Miller ORDA
Roby Politi North Elba
Kara Page The Wild Center

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How much annual electric or oil-based energy could we cut in the Adirondacks by 2013 by adding renewables and reducing waste?:

About Us

ADKCAP is the Adirondack Climate and Energy Action Plan

Adirondack Climate Action Bar

We believe we can cut our energy costs and build a more vibrant economy by moving to more secure, low carbon sources of energy. Our goal is to create in the Adirondack region of upstate New York a model for how rural places can get to net zero carbon economies, and to do it from the ground up.
Every year more than $1.5 billion is spent on energy in the Adirondacks. That's a bigger sum than the total money that comes into our biggest industry, tourism. Almost every cent goes somewhere else, and fast. ADKCAP is working to help the economy of the Adirondacks by finding the best ways to decrease waste in energy, decrease our use of carbon fuels, and invest the money we save in the long-term economic health of our region.

We also care about winter. Anything we can do to make sure we are acting to cut pollution that could thaw our winters we want to try to do.

Who is involved

All kinds of organizations and individuals in the Adirondacks are part of ADKCAP. Our coalition builds on the ongoing hard work of scores of organizations, municipal leaders, universities, businesses, educators, and others around the region who seek opportunity as we move away from carbon.

Our history

ADKCAP’s work is a follow-on to the American Response to Climate Change Conference held on November 18 and 19 of 2008 at The Wild Center in Tupper Lake, NY. The Conference, entitled “The American Response to Climate Change: the Adirondack Model: Using Climate Change Solutions to Restore a Rural American Economy” generated enormous enthusiasm for action and interest in creating an economically compelling future for the communities in this region. At the end of the two day conference, there was a call-to-action from participants. ADKCAP was the action end of the Conference.

ADKCAP was featured in the Environmental Law in New York Newsletter. Hard copies are available by emailing us.

Download an information sheet about ADKCAP below.  

Report Out Day

ADKCAP hosted a Report Out Day on May 24th, 2010 for Task Forces to share progress updates and outline upcoming steps.  Videos of some of the presentations are below.  

"The Big Goal" - Jerry Jenkins, Wildlife Conservation Society

Overview of the New York State Biomass Roadmap - Zywia Wojnar, Research Director, Science and Policy Partnerships, Pace Energy and Climate Center, Pace Law School

Solutions for Climate Change - Mark Lowery, NYS Climate Action Council, DEC Office of Climate Change

Energy Code of New York State - Joe Hill, NYS Department of Codes Office

Municipalities Task Force

Renewable Energy & Biomass Task Force

Forest & Land Management Task Force

Buildings & Energy Efficiency Task Force

Tourism Task Force

Transportation Task Force

Local Foods

ADKCAP flier- Nov 2010.pdf146.65 KB